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Moonset Farm/Florals Blog

The first weddings of the year

Jackie Gardner

wedding 1 2019.jpg

The winter months here at Moonset Farm Floral are for ordering seeds, planning the gardens, reorganizing the studio, and connecting with venues and clients. In these months as well, I meet my newest clients. It is during these initial conversations that the personalities of the couples begin to shine through and the excitement of showcasing the individuality of the couples through flowers and botanicals blossoms.

With the arrival of spring, the wedding season bursts forth. Hannah, my intrepid part time assistant, seems to be as happy to be back in the studio as I am.

Attachment-1 (5).jpeg

Hannah Stiles, best coworker ever!

Our first wedding this year was a study in pink. The soft cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan, are an explosion of small, delicate pink flowers. In China, cherry blossoms signify love and the female mystique of beauty, strength, and sexuality. Pink roses, the traditional token of admiration and appreciation as well as hydrangeas hold a wide range of meaning from heartfelt emotion, to gratitude, to feminine vitality. All in all, pink flowers are a beautiful representation of feelings surrounding that special day.

wedding1b 2019.jpg

The shop is perfumed and occasionally littered with all the flowers of the wedding season. I am so looking forward to reconnecting with each couple as their big day arrives; the expression on a brides face when she sees her vision fully realized for the first time, the excitement of the wedding party, and the sheer joy of helping couples achieve all that they’d hoped for on their special day.

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The Magical Chicken of Moonset Farm

Jackie Gardner


Easter is a special time on the farm. Day old chicks arrive and lambs are born. Those fuzzy chicks and cuddly lambs are irresistible to children.

Lamb by nicki.jpg
yet more lambs.jpg
more babies.jpg
chicks 2.jpg

It is also a very special time for our chickens. At Easter, as the story goes, something magical happens to the chickens. They start to lay Cadbury cream eggs. It all started when my niece Olivia was quite young. She and her Moms would drive from New York for the spring school vacation and be at the farm at lambing time.


One Easter Mike brought the eggs in from the chicken house and there was a Cadbury cream egg in with the rest of the eggs. 


Olivia’s eyes got very wide and it was then that the tradition of the magical chicken was born. Over the last 14 years many children have visited the farm to see the lambs and chicks. But they all want to go to the chicken coop to see if the magical chicken has been laying the Cadbury eggs.   

Hailey and I had bonding time.

Jackie Gardner

On Friday I was blissfully sleeping in when I was awakened with a sweet kiss, “I have to go,” and followed by,  “… and Hailey got into a skunk.”   With the arrival of spring in Maine comes mud, lambs and skunks. Mud is all pervasive on a farm and with 4 dogs it seems the season will never end. Lambing is at once exciting, worrying and exhausting. Skunks are just a pain in the butt!  Of course it had to be Miss Hailey who got skunked. Hailey is a Bergamasco Shepherd which originated in the Italian Alps, near Bergamo, as a herding dog. Not a particularly large dog, Hailey weighs about 60 pounds. What makes Bergamascos unique is their coat of abundant flat mats or flocks. Yes she has dreadlocks.

IMG_0804 (1).JPG

The only vehicle available was the farm truck which needed to be plugged in for an hour in order to start it and go to the store. My first task was to see if we had hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  We had enough, so after caffeine, it was time. Hailey is not a dog who will be bribed by food, so out comes the leash. Luck was with me as Hailey didn’t see the leash until I had her and into the bathroom we went. With the doors closed the real stand-off began. I must admit, that though I am no slouch in the strength department, I am no match for a dog determined not to have a bath. Hailey won rounds one and two. But hell hath no fury and all that, and round three went to me.  45 minutes and 10 towels later, Hailey was perched on top of a snow bank, back to being the queen of all she sees. I, on the other hand, had a vey dirty tub, wet floors and a whole lot of wash.