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Moonset Farm in Porter, Maine, is a local florist and local farm offering wedding and funeral flowers and fresh, free-range meat. 


Our mission is to provide premium grade, locally sourced, healthy and happy farm-fresh meats to our customers and community.

We raise our animals to be happy and healthy on a managed grazing system farm without any growth hormones or stimulants, producing exceptional quality, taste, and nutritional value.

Antibiotics are used only when a medical condition arises that we cannot rectify with natural means.

Some of the animals that call

Moonset Farm home include

~ Pigs

~ Llamas

~ Sheep & Lamb


~ Chickens


“We have so enjoyed all the farm-fresh products that Moonset

Farm offers! When we sit down to a meal of chicken, pork, or lamb that was raised by Jackie and Mike Gardner, we know we are getting top-quality meat. Itʼs good to know where your food comes from, and the circumstances under which it was raised. I always know I am doing right by my family when Moonset Farm's food is being served!”

-Joyce B., Eaton, NH

All products are offered in limited quantities on a limited basis, so early orders are encouraged. 

It all began in 2007 with three rescued Katahdin Hair Sheep, two horses, two dogs, three cats, and a few chickens. We have grown and now annually produce forty plus lambs a season, raise pork and pasture chickens, and have added a few llamas and turkeys to our grounds. We truly love our animals and the way of life they offer us.


We will deliver farm-fresh meats within an hour's distance for an additional delivery fee.

Call Moonset Farm to schedule a visit or for more information about purchasing local free-range meat: (207)625-7333 or (207)329-6888.

Moonset Farms' local farm meat store offering free-range chickens and fresh eggs. 

The free-range chickens on our meat farm are pasture-raised and graze rotationally around an open-air shelter. This fertilizes our pastures to keep grasses green and healthy for all of our farm animals and provides the chickens with fresh grass for most of the year. We sell fresh eggs and free-range meat when available.


We sell our chickens whole, roaster style and raise a limited number of birds a year, so pre-ordering is encouraged. Please call for availability. 

Moonset Farm local farm, free-range pork.

Our pigs help us manage the land. With their strong snouts, they spend their days doing what they love most: rooting up small shrubs and plants. In doing so they convert overgrown areas to

grassy pasture. Their waste naturally fertilizes and enriches the earth. Because we provide them with a large and safe enclosure, the pigs have plenty of space to roam, our land remains clean, and our animals stay happy and healthy.

We sell our fresh, free range pork by the whole, half, and quarter. Please call for availability. 

Our own, free-range lamb.

Our lamb meat business is centered around our flock of Katahdin Hair Sheep, an American Heritage Breed. KHS were developed by Michael Piel in North Central Maine, near Mt. Katahdin. These sheep are non-wool-producing, prove hardy in our Maine climate, are reliable mothers with good flock instincts, and have high rates of fertility. They are the perfect breed for supplying farm-fresh, local lamb meat to our customers.


We sell our lamb by the whole and half cuts. Please call for availability. 


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