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Moonset Farm and Moonset Farm Florals are two thriving entities, with the farm providing premium grade farm fresh meats to our customers and flowers and greens for Moonset Farm Florals. Our floral designs showcase the unique personalities of the wedding couple, the significance of a special event, and the distinction of the venue.

Real Maine Fresh Local


In 2007 Jackie and Mike Gardner began to realize their dream of settling down in one place and becoming farmers. 

They purchased a small inactive farm in Porter Maine. Though Mike was still on active duty with the Coast Guard, Jackie and Mike began to revitalize Moonset Farm. Mike was frequently away for long periods of time, leaving Jackie to do the day-to-day running of the farm. Jackie began to work evenings at Stone Mountain Arts Center. Drawing on her extensive past experiences as a floral designer, Jackie designed the floral centerpieces for shows and events. Stone Mountain Arts launched wedding packages with Jackie as the in-house floral designer. Jackie’s passion for floral design was re-kindled and Moonset Farm Florals organically expanded with friends and family seeking Jackie’s romantic and naturally inspired designs.

When Mike retired from the Coast Guard, he took over the day-to-day management of the farm with Jackie focusing on the floral aspect.

Hannah Stiles also plays a big role in the operation of Moonset Farm and Moonset Farm Florals. From tending to baby lambs and other animals to being Jackie's right hand for floral events, Hannah is a wonderful addition to our team and is also the creative genius behind Ainigmati Studios, her needle felting business.

Our family-owned farm, located at the site of the historic Chapman farm, is steeped in more than 200 years of rich, local history. Moonset Farm has more than 140 acres of rolling pastures, colorful country gardens, and shaded woodlands.

What started as a small farm in Porter, Maine has now become the place to go for local, farm-fresh premium meat and the choice floral farm for weddings and events in Western Maine and N.H. 

Moonset Farm photo by Jordan Luciano

"I love all of the amazing creations that come from Jackie at Moonset Farm! She is one of the most talented people I know!" — Allison

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