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The Magical Chicken Of Moonset Farm

Easter is a special time on the farm. Day old chicks arrive and lambs are born. Those fuzzy chicks and cuddly lambs are irresistible to children.

It is also a very special time for our chickens. At Easter, as the story goes, something magical happens to the chickens. They start to lay Cadbury Cream Eggs. It all started when my niece Olivia was quite young. She and her Moms would drive from New York for the spring school vacation and be at the farm at lambing time.

One Easter Mike brought the eggs in from the chicken house and there was a Cadbury cream egg in with the rest of the eggs.

Olivia’s eyes got very wide and it was then that the tradition of the magical chicken was born. Over the last 14 years many children have visited the farm to see the lambs and chicks. But they all want to go to the chicken coop to see if the magical chicken has been laying the Cadbury eggs.

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